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FMCSA Safety Compliance Integrated Fleet Management Software 
Everything you need to run your carrier business in one place.


Preventive & Planned Maintenance

Scheduled vehicle inspection

Document organizing

IFTA calculation & reporting

Daily Safety and Compliance Audits

Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance

Scheduled Vehicle Inspections

Documents and Records Organization

IFTA Calculation and Reporting

Role Based Employee Access

Dispatching and Fleet Recording

ELD / Fuel Card Integration

Audit Preparation for Carrier Entrant

Flexible Paycheck and Invoice Management

Automated Recurring Expenses

FMCSA Compliance Reporting Tools

Driver Onboarding

Financial Dashboard

Safety and Compliance Dashboard

Our Mission

ZTrucking's mission is to help carriers thrive by giving competitive advantage against big corporations. We are entirely focused on helping small and medium-sized carriers stay safe & fmcsa compliant, streamline their day-to-day operations and save them time, money and even the viability of their business.


Why  ZTrucking?

You are a small carrier with under budget to hire personnel
You need an all-in-one customizable paycheck and invoicing system
Preventive maintenance schedule - Carrier FMCSA safety compliance
carrier operation management software for small & medium size carriers - Fleet Management
driver payment & client invoicing - Carrier Accounting Management
You don't have a preventive maintenance schedule in place
Your driver onboarding process is long
carrier driver hiring & driver onboarding  - Carrier driver app
You need a better solution for  organizing your documents and records
Truck periodic inspection schedule - Carrier FMCSA safety & compliance
You don't have  inspection schedule in place
carrier visionary document & record keeping - Carrier document organizing

Our Services at a glance 

  • Maintain carrier FMCSA compliance by identifying and validating your carrier's required documents

  • Ensure your drivers are FMCSA compliant by identifying and validating your driver's required documents and processes such as random drug tests, amongst others

  • Keep your vehicles FMCSA compliant by identifying and validating your vehicle's documents such as those for DOT inspections, registrations, and others.

carrier safety compliance  & operational snapshot - Carrier business operation & safety management snapshot
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Daily  safety audit

carrier's asset document recording system - operational & FMCSA required documents
  • Smart documents link to specific assets

  • AI identifies and notifies you on missing or expiring documents

  • Responsive technology with prompt user notifications

  • Record organizing is secure, accessible, and efficient on our Cloud


FMCSA compliance reporting tools

Daily Safety Audit

  • We run a daily FMCSA audit to analyze:

    • Carrier records and documents to maintain FMCSA compliance

    • Driver records and documents to ensure drivers are FMCSA compliant

    • Vehicle records and documents to guarantee vehicles are FMCSA compliant

  • Notifies carriers of any missing or expired FMCSA required records and documents

  • Checks for preventive maintenance 

Carrier FMCSA audit and carrier operational audit identifies missing & expiring documents
Carrier accounting operations generate driver paycheck by mileage paycheck generation, fleet pay payment generation, or fixed driver payment generation
  • Processes driver payments in seconds

  • Pays by percentage

  • Provides flexible and customizable driver expense recording for fleets

  • Allows flexible driver payments according to mileage, percentage, or fixed system

  • Captures and notifies missing or double payments automatically

  • Process and track customer invoicing in seconds

  • Auto-generate invoice fleet confirmations, bol, invoices, and more with a single click

  • Our FMS captures and notifies missing or unpaid invoices automatically

Integrated carrier invoice management system  - Carrier Accounting operation
Schedule preventive maintenance  - carrier FMCSA safety compliance
  • Creates maintenance schedules according to mileage, duration, or both

  • Retains the maintenance record history and provides a reporting mechanism

  • Keeps your vehicle FMCSA compliant by tracking the maintenance schedule and notifying you of missed or late maintenance checks

IFTA Calculation and Reporting

  • Our FMS provides API data integration with major fuel and ELD companies

  • Includes an importing data mechanism from ELD and Fuel transaction providers

IFTA calculation and IFTA reporting - Carrier FMCSA compliance

Driver onboarding

Dispatching and Fleet recording

Driver hiring & driver to carrier app - Carrier driver management app

New Driver Onboarding with Our Driver App

  • Provides an Android / IOS supported driver app to handle actions from uploading documents, to receiving paychecks, and notifying users of maintenance scheduling, amongst other features

  • Enables drivers to directly apply for job roles in our system, fast-tracking the hiring process

  • Generates FMCSA recommendations for e-signed drivers who have applied to the system



  • Third party service integration, which we provide at no additional cost, making us unique in the industry. 

  • Seamless integration to our expense recording feature with major fuel cards provider companies

  • Smooth integration to our trip recording tool with major ELD provider companies

Fuel transaction integration from third-party fuel company - Carrier company integration
Carrier personnel management, user-based carrier access control system - Carrier operation management

Users & Permissions 

  • Granular access and permission for employees 

  • Easy-to-use, role based access for dispatchers and personnel of your choice. Control users content access

  • New entrant service for future carriers by establishing authority, factoring, fuel cards, insurance and other factors


Our Clients

carrier business owners, freight business owners, fleet operation owners - ZTrucking customers


carrier dispatchers, freight dispatchers, fleet dispatchers - ZTrucking customers


carrier safety managers, freight safety owners, fleet safety managers - ZTrucking customers


Owner-operators, truck owners, truck administrators - ZTrucking customers



    “Paycheck preparation used to take me 2 days per week.
Now I can do the same task in less than three hours. Amazing!” @fifatrucking

Ready To Find Out More?

Our dispatching tools, along with flexible expense and document recording, provides a powerful tool to manage your day-to-day carrier business operations. With everything you need stored in one secure place. Please contact us to learn more about how our carrier management software can help your business thrive and start saving.  


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