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Retain & Expand Your Drivers with a Carrier Management Software

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Driver recruitment and retention are important issues for virtual trucking fleets, especially small carriers. Many small shops have turned to carrier management software to improve driver retention and strengthen their bottom line. Let’s take a look at how you can improve driver recruitment while reducing turnover.

Turn Cost Reductions into Bonuses

If you are struggling to recruit or retain drivers, a great way to do this is to turn part or all of your cost savings into bonuses for drivers. How do you generate cost savings? Carrier management software like ZTrucking can save significant money by streamlining many processes like document recording, preventative maintenance, invoicing, and more.

The money saved can be used for many things like bonuses. Not only will your drivers appreciate the unexpected extra pay, but this type of action can have other benefits too. It can improve morale and motivation, helping strengthen your brand and reputation.

Cut Monthly Recurring Costs

We all know that trucking insurance is a major expense. In fact, the average driver will pay roughly $1,200 per month on their insurance. An effective way to increase your recruiting is to subsidize this cost. This is another thing you can do by finding ways to cut costs without cutting quality.

All-in-one carrier management software like ZTrucking allows you to streamline your processes, saving money and time. Small carriers can easily repurpose this money into helping subsidize insurance costs for their drivers. For example, something as simple as reducing this cost from $1,200 to $900 per month for the driver would vastly improve retention and, when advertised correctly, recruiting as well.

Maintain a Low Safety Score

All trucking carriers know the importance of having a low CSA score. Lower scores not only save you money but also hugely benefit drivers. Low scores mean fewer roadside inspections while helping you attract more business. More loads mean reliable work for your truckers, keeping them on the road and earning money. Truckers want to drive for carriers that can enable them to earn.

Want to know how to lower your CSA score? This is something ZTrucking can help with! We are the leading safety-empowered carrier management software when it comes to FMCSA. Our system makes it easy to ensure drivers and vehicles are FMCSA compliant with the most thorough all-in-one tracking and management on the market for registrations, inspections, and all required documents and processes.

Establish Dedicated Lanes

Some drivers want to be home every weekend and have an assurance that they will operate on a set schedule. A great way to attract those wanting a more organized work schedule is by establishing dedicated lanes and assigning the route to one person. How do you secure dedicated lanes? Hire someone to recruit business with the money you save from carrier management software.

ZTrucking is a carrier management software that allows you to easily wear many hats. With this tool, small carriers can operate their entire operation with just one person. There is no need for an accountant, dispatcher, or safety manager - one person can do it all! Divert staff savings into a staff member tasked with growing your business. Pick up dedicated lanes through cold calling and relationship building instead of doing tasks that can be streamlined.

Increase Driver Recruitment & Retention with ZTrucking Carrier Management Software!

If you are ready to take advantage of the many benefits of the best carrier management system on the market, take a look at what we offer at ZTrucking! We know you’ll love the savings and efficiency. We even offer a free trial.

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