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Streamline Your Driver Onboarding to Attract More Drivers

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Your drivers are the lifeblood of your operation. They get your loads from point A to point B, help keep your equipment safe on the road, and allow you to grow your business. Hiring the best drivers is in the interest of every trucking company, especially small carriers. While there are many ways to attract drivers, streamlining your onboarding process with carrier software is a proven solution.

Why Is It Important to Streamline Onboarding?

There are many reasons why streamlining your driver onboarding process is important. First, there are major benefits to you as a carrier. You will be able to get new drivers on the road quicker. You will attract more drivers, making recruitment easier. Conducting onboarding with trucking management software can save you a ton of time. Finally, you’ll be able to increase the quality of driver you attract.

From the driver’s perspective, there are benefits at play too. No one wants a cumbersome hiring process. Quick onboarding allows them to get on the road sooner and start earning money. Streamlined onboarding also helps by creating better communication and avoiding confusion. Overall, it is an important first step towards a long-term, positive employee experience. The use of carrier software can help you provide this to drivers.

How Does Carrier Software Streamline Onboarding?

Trucking companies including even small carriers are increasingly turning to trucking management software in order to improve their onboarding process. There are several ways these types of carrier software improve the onboarding experience.

As all-in-one systems, carrier software provides a comprehensive way to run your business. This includes modules for all areas of the employee experience, including onboarding. Trucking management software allows for easy creation of employee records and managing accounts.

Carrier software allows operators to quickly determine if required components such as employment records and pre-employment drug tests have been completed. The system will flag issues, allowing for quick follow-up. The use of trucking management software also allows for better time management. With many processes automated, you’ll save time and money while creating an efficient process.

ZTrucking Provides a Software Solution for Onboarding

When it comes to finding the best carrier software to improve the onboarding process, an increasing number of companies are trusting ZTrucking. You can easily oversee the onboarding process, retain organized driver records, and even manage driver payroll using ZTrucking.

One of the most useful features of ZTrucking’s carrier software solution is our new Driver app, which greatly enhances the ease and efficiency of onboarding. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. It allows your new hires to quickly and easily submit required information and documents from the comfort of their phone.

This means you’ll onboard your drivers quickly while reducing time spent on paperwork. Drivers can even directly apply for job roles through the app, speeding up the hiring process from start to finish. If you need trucking management software to improve your onboarding process, join the list of carriers giving ZTrucking a try.

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