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Trucking Software Features that Help Small Carriers

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Small carriers are increasingly turning to trucking software to help streamline their operations. While there are a variety of platforms on the market, picking one that best meets the needs of your operation is important. The right platform will help a small carrier become more efficient, leading to time saved and a greater return on your investment. When evaluating trucking software, small carriers should look at these key features.

Safety & Compliance

Compliance is one of the most critical aspects for small carriers. Making compliance errors can have widespread effects on a company’s bottom line and ability to sustain their operations. Trucking software can help improve your compliance, particularly ZTrucking’s industry leading technology in this area.

Our software helps maximize your FMCSA compliance. Documentation related to drivers, trucks, trailers, inspections, maintenance, drug tests and more are conveniently stored in the system, making compliance an ease. Daily FMCSA audits further ensure that you don’t forget to complete a required task.

Finance & Accounting

One of the most frustrating aspects of running a trucking company for many people is accounting. Tasks like invoicing and paying your drivers can be tedious, particularly when doing them by hand. Even if you are a very small operation, you likely spend a ton of time at these activities.

Trucking software can streamline accounting, making it much more efficient. For example, ZTrucking provides payroll and invoicing modules, helping you maximize your time. Driver payment can be organized by mileage, percentage, or fixed. Invoicing allows for auto-generated communication and monitors for unpaid invoices.

Human Resources / Recruiting Drivers

One thing small carriers can spend a lot of time on is the onboarding process for new drivers. While large companies often have dedicated staff for this, small carriers rarely do. Trucking software can ease this burden for small carriers by helping with driver onboarding and management.

ZTrucking is a useful resource for this in several ways. First, our Android & iOS supported Driver App allows easy onboarding with drivers completing required information and uploading key documents. From tracking employment compliance and disciplinary information to driver pay and documents, there are options for virtually every HR need.

Ability to Interface with Drivers

Another critical aspect for many small carriers is being able to easily stay in touch with drivers on the road. Trucking software accomplishes this in a variety of ways. In the era of smartphones, having a useful app is key for being able to help drivers stay in touch.

ZTrucking provides drivers with an app supported by all major phone types. Our Driver app keeps your drivers updated with all the information essential to their work. It also provides an ease of data entry, helping them provide updates to fleet managers and carriers.

System Integration

An often underlooked feature of trucking software is its ability to integrate into other technologies. In today’s interconnected world, the best trucking software is able to interface with other core systems for your operation. This can often be impossible or expensive.

Fortunately, ZTrucking provides you with streamless third-party integration at no additional cost, making us the only trucking software in the business providing this service for free. Whether you need to integrate with an ELD provider or major fuel card, ZTrucking has your back!

Dashboard & Analytics

In addition to these key features, another important aspect that small carriers should consider when evaluating trucking software is the ability to add a dashboard or data analytics to stay on top of their business. Having a centralized location to view key performance indicators (KPIs) can help carriers make informed decisions and quickly identify areas that need improvement.

ZTrucking offers a dashboard and analytics feature that displays KPIs and provides detailed reports on fleet operations and performance. This feature allows small carriers to have real-time visibility and make informed decisions for greater returns on investment.

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